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On 10/08/2018 was registered in the General Commercial Registry, number 1446911, the establishment of the Private Capital Company under the name MAISTRALI P.C, the distinctive title MAISTRALI and GCR number 147222349000 and VAT: 997076183 Preveza, hotel with headquarters in the Municipality of Parga / Preveza (Address: Riga Feraiou 4, 48060 Parga).
The capital contributions and cash contributions set at one million three hundred and fifty nine thousand and six hundred euros in total. (1,359,600):
1. Konstantinos Liakos (administrator) of Georgios and Dorothea, resident of Parga Preveza.
2. Georgios Liakos of Constantine and Eftalia and resides in the area of Kypri in Parga Preveza.
3. Dorothea Liakou, theodor Theodoros and Demeter Dandolou, and lives in the area of Cyperi of Parga Preveza.
The company maintains website and emails and telephones on the following items:
1. www.hotelmaistrali.gr
2. info@hotelmaistrali.gr
3. 003026840 31275, 32565
Fax: 00302684032855